The heart is attuned,where so ever our hands are cast.

I cannot help but cast my wondering psyche forward to a week from now, and weigh the oddly similar possibilities of crushing despair or overwhelming pride.  Irredeemable, or redeemed.  Undeniable weight. This election marks a deep, profound reckoning.  People in America: shall we together give ourselves a chance to mend the wrongs and heal the…

Reductive thinking is another name for the inescapable fact of our utter dependency.

As per usual, I accumulate small actions aimed toward a hoped-for restoration.  Restoration of rivers, our Union, our true independence. In a public comment direct toward EPA head Andrew Wheeler: The intended beneficiaries of our Constitutional responsibility are clearly stated to include “our Posterity.” This means all future generations must be taken into account as…

Halloween USA

Relieved to witness and support the intermingling of all neighborhood people wholly willing and able to smile at each other and offer a friendly “Happy Halloween.” As long as we meet all eyes possible, and trust to the showing of good will, we can hold this country together.

Devil’s night

The time of year set aside for recognition of death as transformative necessity.  Celebrate the rot as return.  Shudder and delight over the passing of life’s sap, leaving us to the cold trust of regeneration. Happy halloween