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Encouraging words for all who harbor hopes to save the world.  I think about it endlessly, and though I haven’t been asked, that need not prevent my talking about it.

Also, thrift shopping as a creative conduit for aesthetic self-expression, a satisfying option for spendthrifts in poverty, and a real-people interactive antidote to the lonesomeness of overly-digitized socialization.

These two elements may seem discordant, but ultimately reflect my actual life experience of  hearing “I love your clothes,” alongside my reductive insistence on mentioning our desperate need for ecological rebirth as part of every possible interaction.  A bit inside out, you see?

Also, I think it would be fun for my children to someday peruse a chronicle of my insights and outfits.  So.  Voila.






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  1. rolandlegge says:

    Glad to find your blog. I look forward to following you. Peace, Roland Legge


    1. Thank you! I appreciate your reading:)


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