Taking peace for granted sounds like a most unfortunate regret for us all.

I’m not mad about the masks. Public health is a net positive, and they also can work as an additional layer of outfit accessorization. I have always had a soft spot for stripes, per a Nirvana influenced aesthetic. Lastly, these eagle feather earrings are hand carved from bone, and also hand painted by an indigenous artist. Purchased through Southwest Indian Foundation.
It’s very good to have a thin black sweater to make all things Winter ready. This sheer white vintage blouse has a lovely lace V, and some truly impressive pleating that creates more of the aforementioned stripes.
Can you see that my skirt is long and denim? I can. Anytime one sees any style of denim skirt, one ought not hesitate to welcome such a superpowered useful item into one’s wardrobe. Especially if it’s thrifted and therefore under $5.
Oh the lace, the lace ! Also, I like to twist my hair when slightly damp then wait a bit for curl. No heat or product required. Though my styling standards are admittedly low key lazy.

Intimidation is an absurd and cowardly reaction to having an opinion challenged.

In response to the domestic terror threat on display at the U.S. Capitol, I wrote the following letter to my senators:

I live a peaceful life with my family here in Michigan, and frankly that is what everyone should be able to trust is the primary focus of our elected representatives.  It is impossible to feel safe and secure when the POTUS is actively inciting violence and recklessly dividing citizens to the point of considering one another enemies.  Especially when the main supporters of this President are encouraged to intimidate their perceived enemies with displays of firearms and hateful threats.

I demand that my family and community be able to rely upon our state and national leadership to keep us safe.  One important part of this is to ensure that there are clear and swift and significant consequences for inciting insurrection against our Union and our laws. Congress must impeach, remove, and disqualify Donald Trump from holding future office.

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