It’s just one day at a time, though some days insist upon the consequential nature of that fact

Blue on blue on blue. As per usual, everything thrifted. This sweatshirt used to be my daughter’s, but I have no aversion to children’s clothing, particularly in velvet. Silk pants.
A better view of the silk pants. Layering is a soothing Winter pastime. This iridescent skirt is an enjoyable midi length.
Green waterproof boots. Rather a thrilling estate sale find in size 8.5 exactly. A little bit lonesome in the school library these days, but I keep it stocked up and cute waiting for the children’s return.

Senate control shifts, and later we are subjected to an insurrection. Politics are major in America, so remember to behave like a real person with good intentions. The internet proves its poison – maybe humble eye contact can be an antidote? One person at a time, in grocery stores and thrift stores and the like, I take comfort in the fact that regular people of regular means are stuck with each other in everyday life. We can be okay, seeing as how we mostly, usually are.

Be safe.

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