Clarity of vision in hopes that others can see

Dressing for the long awaited beautiful Michigan snowfall. Layers and jeans allow for the easy donning of snow pants at will. Scarf and shirt are friends in striped and worn/torness. Checking whether the cashmere cap and bit of eyeliner allot any measure of glamorous.
Ta-daaa, the sides of my bangs that I overcut in the midst of pandemic malaise are growing back, and causing brief elation! These earrings are a favorite pair, in the 4 colors of the sacred directions, handmade on Pineridge Reservation and bought at a pow-wow a few years back.
If I stand really awkwardly, will it show the goodness of these faded black Levi’s, an always good idea to scoop up at thrift?
Never mind, just a straight up kitchen lean will suffice. Do note the lightly puffed sleeves on the blouse, which are sweet treat of late 70s fashions. The small red sweater vest is highly recommended and versatile. Layers are the best. I’m never cold outside.

I often leave comments on New York Times articles. Here’s one from today, in response to a woman who wrote about the sadness and love she and her young son feel for the dying Hawthorne trees in their yard (and throughout Appalachia). I shared the following:

Our only source of life. Even just trying to heal the earth will mend the people. And she just might recover more quickly than we hope or fear, given the chance and the assistance of our remarkable human hands.

My indigenous peoples know why there is so much heartbreak, as we are still so close to the severance point of the clearcuts and removals. Unable to unsee the loss of life represented by every abandoned development and pesticide warning sign, the aching of hearts on the ground at least proves that love remains.

We could collectively appease a bit of the desolation by planting pollinator gardens and trees this Spring. The bees and birds and frogs are still able to show up if we welcome them. We have reached our last chance to rebound and restore. Gratitude and humility required.

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