Communicating insides out loud is a matter of translation.

This black and red checkered neck scarf made of silk was found for $1 at an estate sale. A different estate sale united me with this vintage black dress which features silver appliqué at the shoulder and waist. The dress was all the more thrilling at 50%off, which most estate sales offer on the final day. This upper body concentration of flair begets the Zoom holiday work party for which I ensembled.

That holiday work Zoom also beget my donning of red lipstick – a rare and impractical choice in the era of masks. Which can help force a bit more festive into the computer screen meetup.

Baseline, basic, basis, base

After all is what began

Measures assume some ending

Point at which returns

Certain minds to hold on to

Movements secured by heart

These elisions of thought are held in sway by the elusive fine tuning of utterances sure which sound within the unseen terrain of sheer absolutes, no more remarkable than the ceaselessly wavering light.

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