Victory is a measure of how the many care.

Hair curled and pinned up to resemble how I’d like it to sometimes always be.  Vintage pin from the infamous 80s war on drugs campaign: just so for an 80s themed karaoke night.  And yes, for my three or so semi-regular readers, these nights really do happen in Lansing as frequently as this blog makes it seem.
Gloriously odd blouse from the depths of a particularly intense estate sale, the color palette alongside the voluminous sleeves make the additional quotient of wrap-tied midriffery epic 80s levels.  Straightforward red pencil skirt sanity, but still bright enough to make friends .
Just small swathes of skin suffice.  Red lip and hoops for additional ladylike.
Lucite clutch from a different estate sale than the blouse.  Free, actually, because people are generous and I am lucky in thrift.  Fun in the ladies room!  The woman in pink was celebrating her November 2 bday, with my November 3 birthday turning at midnight.  Woot woot, Scorpio

Ah, America.  Our election came and went, and I just barely evaded a full fledged panic attack.  Not as good as I’d hoped, nor as bad as I’d feared.  I am sorry and disappointed that we the people seem so predictably split by “party,” while the very wealthy merrily and largely unchecked go about despoiling our irreplaceable waters and lands.  The longer the many continue to fuss at one another, the less time and energy we are expending to reverse our collectively unsustainable course.

On the subject of the great and important work we could accomplish together, and a decidedly bright spot in this past Tuesday’s results, my Michigan county of Ingham approved a ballot measure to continue funding farmland and open spaces preservation.  Hooray!  This millage was overwhelmingly supported, by a larger margin than any ballot proposal for the past two elections.  I actually passed out flyers as my single act of direct canvassing, so an extra cheers for the result .


I find it comforting that the seemingly insurmountable division between “sides “ evaporated when people were presented with a decision about a thoroughly local matter, clearly and directly linked to our quality life as well as the best interests of future generations. We really can come together, and look out for each other.  We just need to focus our attention on what it is we care about that isn’t necessarily related to money. Or fear.  What can we do to restore life and hope?

Vote for butterflies.

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