Our senses are overwhelmed by bombast, and ever awaiting humble, small showings of the eternal.

I’m smiling because of my birthday, and for lace that is actually smooth and comfortable.  The collar in particular satisfies with an utter lack of constriction or scratch.  A beautiful pink.  Dress found for $5 at “Upscale Thrift” store in Lansing.
Very late into the evening’s revels, and still the dress is in perfect pink order.
The sheer blouson overlay recalls 19teens era elegance, as paired with the modesty of the high neckline and floor length.  Hair in a messy pseudobob with minimal makeup, to better assure that such a lovely gown not be lowered by intimations of playing dress-up.  This is actually and truly what I find to be an ideal garment in 2018; no costumery intended.

I was glad to see more people using rakes than leaf blowers today.  The neighborhood retained the peace of autumnal air as it sounds with a soft scratch of leaves brushing one another in in their glorious, colorful, shifted forms.  Our ears likely ache for the subtleties of sounds found constantly in the natural world.  None ever to be precisely repeated, but ever in the deepest variance of a single, layered moment of lives interacting.

Such wonders still preside, aside the drone and clamor of our motorized convenience, artificially curated selections of record, the cacophony of ceaseless commentary within and around.  Such a delicate and deep relief, to discern how sweet sounds arise, released by the deep quiet of awakening winds.  Cleansing the unclenched mind.

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