The heart is attuned,where so ever our hands are cast.

Sweatshirt thrifted in boys section, as choice items often are.  Sweetest Halloween movie; duly appreciated by my school library patrons. Gold hoops a perennial favorite.  Hair in customary tiny bangs simulation.
Striped undershirt, black pleated skirt, and dark lipstick offer an easy triad of low key gothic.
Spooky ring bling.

I cannot help but cast my wondering psyche forward to a week from now, and weigh the oddly similar possibilities of crushing despair or overwhelming pride.  Irredeemable, or redeemed.  Undeniable weight.

This election marks a deep, profound reckoning.  People in America: shall we together give ourselves a chance to mend the wrongs and heal the wounds?  The festering of lands poisoned and people deemed dispensable – is this to be our only legacy , crafted by those who would disdain all but avarice?  Or can we still decide it would be better to try?  To try to use our hands for the healing of these lands?  At the last, to let ourselves and one another allow goodness to grow.  Goodness in the commons of the earth, as we always already breathe among common lives.

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