Reductive thinking is another name for the inescapable fact of our utter dependency.

I do believe this muted dark floral frock is from the 40s.   Built in blue velvet flair at collar augmented by cat brooch in a nod to approach of Halloween.
Also per nearness if Halloween, a tossed together creepy doll look for impromptu goings out.   The nightgown is actually quite lovely and vintage, with a tear in the sleeve that inspired further fashionings.

As per usual, I accumulate small actions aimed toward a hoped-for restoration.  Restoration of rivers, our Union, our true independence.

In a public comment direct toward EPA head Andrew Wheeler:

The intended beneficiaries of our Constitutional responsibility are clearly stated to include “our Posterity.” This means all future generations must be taken into account as we undergo any actions affecting our shared commons of drinkable water and arable land. The current actions of the Administration by which you were appointed clearly flout this solemn responsibility, merely for short term profits that are ultimately meaningless if we fail to protect the legacy of life itself, which is the living earth.


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