Let’s not be fooled into distrusting one another, we who already share our reliance upon the living land.

Yes I am utilizing these mirrors again. How can I possibly be expected to resist an 80s themed karaoke night?
White prom dress from the genuine 80s. One glove and side swept hair increase the epochal aesthetics.
Leopard lace tights and pearlized pink leather shoes. All thrifted, entire ensemble probably a total of like $11.
Rhinestone hoops shine with the sequined bodice. The rhinestone headband fashioned from a clothing fastener I repurposed to achieve a bit of that “spicy brown girl” prototype often spotted in teencore cinema
I know that camera pointing upwards is recommended to avoid, but it just satisfies the urge for toughlook cool that beckons even those thoroughly ensconced in white lace.
My friend also wore a white prom dress from the 80s. We had like 10 people congratulating us on our wedding. Even these roses were gifted from a well wisher! It was actually a bit difficult to let them down, so we mostly just smiled and said well we are married, but not just today, and not, you know…  and they’d say oh!  And still give love to the dresses of course

Hope is a necessity, for all who look to try to live by caring about the griefs of the world.  Love is what senses the possibility of goodness.  Among the best of human traits, both love and hope eventually require the certainty of mattering.  Of making a positive, observable difference. The functioning ecosystem is our only source for life as continuity, and beauty affirmed.  Killing the land and water and animals will also kill the heart.  Pledging determination and formulating plans for their protection and restoration would redeem our place in the whole.

If we focus on how to heal that deepest wound of nature squandered and then destroyed for the sake of profit for the few, we can regain our dignity and our souls and the path to meaningful work.  Hope and love rewarded before our very eyes and by our hands : success measured by rivers restored, and by people as true participants in creating quality lives.

From “The Grapes of Wrath,” by John Steinbeck:




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  1. thealvarezchronicles says:

    I so love your blog. ❤


    1. That is a very kind comment – thank you & I’m glad 🙂


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