Opening a window upon the world can be a literal means of renewal.

A favorite polka dot jumpsuit keeps pace with the fly factor of a bonafide little red corvette.  Turtle necklace and a hat bedecked with turkey feathers easily accessorize a summer day.  and honey I say

I frequently find myself abashed by the comparative privilege of my life, as the flowers bloom for an array of meticulous insects, and our children delight in the knowledge and tastes of garden food.  The glorious clouds sear with their beauty, as my human heart strives to truly see and appreciate the vast gift of their presence, both as an experience of observed wonderment , and in a more complicated sense of humbled responsibility verging on guilt, knowing the suffering of so many people and life forms in places made sick by the onslaughts of profit-driven poisonings.

My consciousness is nearly stunned by the contrast of an earthly life so full of goodness, marked and marred by a mind besieged with the pain of all that threatens the glory of the world as it still, amazingly and miraculously still, provides all we breathe.  I despair and so I am determined to delight, because what if the wrong can perhaps and only be righted by the sighings of love?


A sweet smelling breeze recalls the deep

breath living actually ,

to simplify the strain

of hopes pined or mourned after

finding brief release

constant winds keep

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