It’s likely time to decide which would actually be missed more: birdsong or a digitized ping?

Vintage 80s day dress in cranberry, featuring puffed sleeves and an asymmetric collar.
Red suede shoes for additional color flair, and requisite comfort.
Embossed leather belt in silver is a favorite.  Long rhinestone earrings second the shine.

Just when I was ready to admit the defeat of my free will, I have happily come to realize the stealth manner in which my smartphone addictions have exponentially decreased!  I had been intending for some time to rid myself of the attachment, only to find myself once again devoting hours to this screen, despite the conviction that I was wasting the true potential of these human hands for the doing of good works.

So, what happened?  A full time job certainly made less time for scrolling. Also, though the library does inspire oh so many marvelous outfittings, I’d rather avoid the embarrassment of being caught selfie-ing in an effort to record those OOTDs.  Which is a bit of a regret, since there have been some really good ones.  Sorry, clothes!

Best of all, the coming of Spring and all the happy tasks of gardening that come with it make for many full hours of outdoor focus and fun.  I propose that any and every one of us could plant a few seeds, in recognition of our honest dependency.  The life force continues to enable our survival; if we could manage to not wholly distract ourselves from that reality, we could prove assets to the needed biodiversity. Literally, we could take life into our own hands.  It’s the least we could do, in humility and gratitude.

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