Every individual action marks the culmination of choices made by the masses.

Black frames in good company with black jet cluster earrings.  Sheer elements on a green silk dress prove warm weather friendly.
Ruffle detail reminiscent of florals.  Comfortable gold shoes I will miss very much when they become inevitably worn out from frequent use!
Fairly fancy, but not too much so for daytime.
Black patent belt with the bow detail worn in the back.  Shifting about belt placement is recommended general practice for the creative fashioning of a look.

Each time I throw something in the garbage, particularly plastic wrappings, my heart sinks with dismay and guilt.  So I wrote poem about it:


aching reproach of silenced heart

as hands release another piece

of refuse newly named

into eternity contained

by plastic bags cinched

so nothing disintegrates

to grow the weighted piles

with no offer of return

just another way

we toss aside each day

unheeding of miracles

creation made

trash the trade


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