If it is fearful to be missing, does that mean safety can be found?

Intricate print with a bow to tie at the neck, a lovely dress to find on mother’s day – especially as the resale store proprietor said the magic words when I entered: “everything is 50% off”!
This lipstick is called Black Orchid, and at $1.50 is a hot commodity at the wig supply store from which I manage to occasionally procure a coveted tube.
Pink lace knee highs and saddle shoes, just to fully own the demureness.

Though I have neglected many things internet, I have sown a quantity of seeds, used my leisure for reading paper texts, and graduated from dingy plastic baggies to vintage apothecary bottles for my cooking spices.

And while all this does mean a slight sense of feeling overwhelmed and behind upon checking my email or WordPress or such, it also means I hope to have many flowers and herbs bloom as the season progresses.

And maybe it really does show that there is a baseline choice to be made, between the screen and those parts of life that we wait for our hands and spirits and eyes to truly see.

I cannot quite determine whether or not this is easy?

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  1. thealvarezchronicles says:

    Though I am probably not going to take your style choices into any serious consideration, I do so love your words. You have a new follower. – Robert


    1. haha! Glad to hear it. Though, you might someday find yourself surprised by the joys of a bit of unexpected pattern mixing 🙂

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