We get a glimpse of true self-mastery whenever we feel a deep, unfettered generosity of heart.

Turtle necklace I thought was lost triumphantly returns!  Actually it was just hanging in my jewelry stand after all.
My attraction to fake bangs continues unabated.  It’s just a matter of twirling the front section in on itself, tucking under, and clipping from underneath with a small barrette.  No scissors required!
It’s probably the 90s talking, but AllStars continue to prove steadfast friendly to virtually any manner of ensemble.
A better look at the voluminous sleeves which are the star of the show, layered under a stretchy black v-neck jersey dress.  Still trending toward no makeup, but I DID groom my eyebrows, which has a bit of the same effect.

I was able to hold my two week old great-niece today, without contracting any baby fever type urges to have another of my own.  There is great satisfaction in seeing that torch passed along to younger generations, and I felt most content to bask in the sweetness of their rosy, shy delight over the humor and vast love emanating from their newborn.  How very large is our care for the very small.  It seems almost purposeful as a life lesson in perspective and humility.

Also so happy they chose a homebirth.  I had my three at home, and count those experiences among the greatest successes and privileges of my life.  The pain is real, but does not even come close to matching the peace of it all.

Any questions?

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