Better to openly appreciate that which fires up the soul, than to smother the sparks of glory.

I am not quite able to conceptualize what it means to do my makeup without it meaning some manner of berry or red lip.  What else would do provide proper company to a gold weave belt?
Gold oxford style shoes, with sheer navy hosiery .
Patchwork print skirt, with an ample 50s-style cut, satisfyingly hitting at just the right place at the knee.
Black lace boatneck shirt and low key jewelry tones down the whimsy, I think?
Wearing glasses all day further solidifies my lazy approach to makeup, as the eyes and eyebrows are always already framed and highlighted.  Or does this mean I actually have more license to go wild with eye makeup?  Perhaps an experiment is in order…

I an happy to report that it is indeed possible to read an Emily Dickinson poem to young children and retain their full interest and appreciation.  I think it is a matter of loving the poem, trusting that the audience can appreciate nuance and genius, and committing fully to the performance aspect of reading aloud.

I’ve long suspected that the shrinking habits of reflexive embarrassment are unnecessary to pretty much any aspect of living.  All the more so when seizing an opportunity to be a conduit for artistry, be  that a lively recitation or an unfettered dance.  After all, why avoid being noticed for doing something well, when the effort is in sincere homage to the inspiring ideal?  True confidence is steeped in humility.

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  1. Utsav Raj says:

    You’re so beautiful!


    1. Thank you for the compliment – very kind!


  2. Brevenchy says:

    Love the shoes and the belt!!
    -Brian M

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I thank you – Gold gold gold!!!


  3. ELLE says:

    I love the belt! You are beyond your beauty—you have such intelligence too! Keep on going 😊💕


    1. Thank you, kind lady. I appreciate your reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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