With little time to spare, it’s best spent to benefit the many.

Officially a school librarian, the glasses are just in time.  Red sweater over a black turtleneck (I safetypin the neck in back for a closer fit), with the large polka dots on the pencil skirt keeping company with a string of pearls.  bright blue tights lend rather triumphant color to the scheme.  A red lip, for the sweater .

Now that I am working full days,  off-the-clock time expenditures are considerably  more limited.  Therefore, each bit time potentially of great value, depending on what I do prioritize.

Alas,  I have let many days of splendid librarian looks slip by because so busy with books.  However, it does seem important to continue writing out my thoughts on occasion, and so I will endeavor not to let this internet project wholly languish.

I realized how very little time is taken to just go ahead with a righteous and indignant voicing of my concerns as a boss citizen of this country and my respective state of Michigan.  Today’s example: less than 5 minutes on speakerphone and simultaneously making  afterschool popcorn was enough to hopefully increase the numbers who reject the nominations of Pompeo as Secretary of State and Haskell to CIA.  I do not support military responses as the norm, to watch diplomacy, and our worthiness of respect on the world stage, further erode.  Torturers and war mongers are unfit as public servants.

Because a sense of peace and security for family and fellow world citizens is a priority, time for citizenship needs to be on the daily schedule in some capacity.  I will endeavor to perform one act of positive citizenship daily. Whether a that be a phone call, gathering names for a petition, reading about kindness and wonder to children, or smiling and saying hi and nodding to people. Because while the consequences of inaction are achingly worrisome, the potential pay-offs of mass activism could be profound.  It is a matter of respecting the small bits.

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