The concept of unity requires active hands to form the reality.

New glasses!  And messy hair.
Tweed overcoat, with black trench layered underneath.  Because it’s still cold in Michigan.

The sense of unreality continues unabated, each time I tune in to current events on the world stage and within the political sphere.  It seems many of us are waiting for the bad and mad to drift aside, and reveal days whose contents are not sullied by worry and scandal and outrage and despair.

And yet, as ever, the only likely path to improvement depends upon the mass movements of fair-minded, empathetic people acting in devoted concert toward the good of the whole.  Pretty basic, I realize, and vulnerable to dismissive accusations of cliched naïveté.  But despite such formulaic and predictable  shut-downs, the truth remains:  the single most effective way to bury all hope of improving the lives of ordinary people, of impoverished people, of sick and addicted people, and those of our struggling plant and animal brethren is for the many to act as if divided.

It is no coincidence that we find ourselves upon the precipice at the same time seeds of division long ago sown are being purposefully and methodically fertilized by scripts of zero-sum discord that assume a binary of winners and losers.

What if the WE realizes the true power of unity?  The profiteers of poison are the only ones to lose a stranglehold upon fortunes built upon the squandering of our collective wealth.  The rest of us could win our freedom of self-sufficiency through shared responsibilities for the good of overall communities.  But only, of course, if we care enough.

Which is exactly why the wealth mongers do not mind a divided populace.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to surprise ourselves and all, and decide once and for all to set our hands and hearts and minds to saving ourselves – the “me” in service of the “we”.  Sounds communistic?  Maybe, but I do recall a particular document that begins:

We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…

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  1. ELLE says:

    What if-isms will be the death of us won’t they? So much we don’t know but wish we did. Also I love the texture of your hair!! Mine is so boring and straight. Great article!


  2. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it! It seems to me that truly knowing anything requires a great deal of humility in the approach – awareness of the deep dependence and crucial limitations which add up to us accepting and knowing and even appreciating the fact of our own flawed individuality – and how only the larger patterns of life can provide true guidance and peace. Or something! Haha. Per the hair, it is a coarser texture, but any bounce or curl is strictly attributable to twisting it into buns when damp, and releasing after a time 🙂


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