Idealism is the surprisingly steely counterpoint to unflinching rationality.

Black and white is just plain tidy, and thus amenable to all manner of flair.  Here, the voluminous sleeve take center stage, in suitable homage to current bedtime read-aloud selection “Anne of Green Gables.”
The copiously pleated dress provides a bit of fussy company to the trussed-up shirt.
A note of the creepy doll shines through with this posing.
Vintage leather UGG boots ground the look.
My hair is absolutely intentionally big.  I do my best to achieve volume by twisting slightly damp hair into buns on the sides and in the back, releasing after a spell.  No products or tools required.
The freshwater pearls rest nicely on a bed of high-necked, black tee shirt.  One dollar lipstick called “black orchid” recently rediscovered on the bottom of a purse.  Organization has its rewards.

As even a very occasional reader “staying for the prose” would quickly gather, my thoughts borderline obsessively turn to the great faith and hope I place in the prospect of humanity deciding en masse to tend to the healing of the earth by laying claim to our intended role as stewards of the cycles of life.  If we all determined to, say, grow half our own food, the results would be spectacular in terms of liberty, atmosphere, and flavor.  To name just a fraction of the possible.

per this ongoing tendency for benevolent reductivism(autocorrect suggests  I made that word up, so good for me), I wrote this poem on the subject:


maybe I’ll just say what’s on my mind

because that’s you and I fine

entrusting each and every face

not race away the trace

of water winds and air

breaths smogged in time

could clear held dear

hearts and hands

upon the land to heal

all life and fears

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