It feels good to be proven wrong, or, someone actually wants to hire me even though I have a PhD in English!

Determined to wear long sleeves but only finding a basic, boring black dress, I conjure the reliable magic of a detailed white blouse.
Ornate silver buttons and laced collar.  This shirt was from one of my favorite $2 bag sales, at the German Hall.  Embroidered fabric button earrings, also vintage, don’t try to compete with the shine on the shirt, but still match the mood.
Recently acquired leather belt.  Also a quality vintage find, this time from a thrift store for $4.
Earth tones are overall good partners for black and white clothing.  I really do sometimes think I ought tidy up a bit before recording outfits, but then I forget.

After years of picturing and planning the details of possible lives to live in concurence with various attempts at employment, I realized the wisdom of not letting my fancy such free reign.  The disappointment of not getting the job is painful enough without compounding it with the additional spirit-rot of fruitless visions never meant to be.

And though such conclusions may sound a bit like giving up, or at least a ramping down of my natural inclination to thoroughly research and ruminate over possibilities, in actuality it seems a more viable course.  Not only for the sake of saving my tender yet enthusiastic psyche some grief, but also to align oneself with the often tenable logic of adages and cliches in general.  In this case: it usually happens when you least expect it.  Meaning, if I don’t obsessively attend to the complete filling of the proverbial basket with every last egg, maybe I’ll end up having a relaxed, successful meal. Or something.  Cliches are treacherous terrain.

Anyhow, today I was actually and at last offered a position for which I’d only minimally prepared!

So now, I can feel safe and emboldened to muse upon all the very interesting and innovative ways I can approach the tasks of a school librarian, and actually see to the doing of all envisioned projects.  I like the change very much.

Also, I look forward to the work and think it is a proper fit for my framing of the world.  I am drawn to the foundations of all things and matters.  And what better place to explore and observe the truth and power and hope existing at the roots, than an elementary school?  And I do so love to read aloud.

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