Because we are irrevocably flesh and blood, our contents orient toward life and growth, though surrounded by the contrary.

Sunny day at the playground. Fox fur and blue leather trench, pearlized sunglasses, and a general absence of inhibition.
Calico dress in a light fabric, layered over doubled up tights and another dress since it’s a windy day and still under 50degrees.  Saddle shoes are comfortable and duly stylish.
Without the coat, shopping for a mirror at the VOA thrift store, the black dress underneath is in view.
Small hand pin, fairly literally holding together the deep V of the neckline, creating a keyhole effect.
Another good look at the hand.  Also the rare full smile selfie, per my children making absurd declarations on the tube slide.

I love it when people come to the conclusion that our one true hope is to wholly and deliberately reclaim our reliance upon the planet.  Spread seeds, rehabilitate concrete. Take it upon ourselves as the massive collective able to turn attention and hands to enact the revitalization of roots and rivers and air by planting planting planting trees and flowers for ourselves and the bees, at last to break free from the flawed machinations of owners degrading the very breeze.

Clearly, such connections move me to versify, so here’s some more:


Last night in the neighborhood bar a small scattering of conversations unplanned begun in comforts of friendly mundanity, observing style and recalling smiles,

evolve to involve our heights of possibility taken in hands by all who stand sides

inside the midst of life if only for all

deciding  at once as one to place

fates in the fruits we make not break

words venture to see
a scene of hands deliberate green
eyes affirm the dream
we could be set free to seed not cede
life a deed to know and grow not owe

only to breathe upon and on
what will we show

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  1. Nitaawe Shepherd says:

    Hi mama. I’m writing an essay about that very belief for humanities right now! wanna see where it’s at so far?


    1. YES please of course!

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      1. Nitaawe Shepherd says:

        I’ll send it now, it’s thirteen pages long and nowhere near done

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  2. Nitaawe Shepherd says:

    It’s called “as perverts, we must look to the flowers for guidance”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holy smokes, you’ve blown my mind – soooo sharp and generous is your thinking! I read it all so far, and put in a few notes per your invitation to edit. Really great. Enjoy your concludings ❤️


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