Death is always near enough to assist and insist upon our amazed awareness of life.

I fully admit it is more difficult, more frequently than ought be to resist donning the cozy smooth comfort of this kitten sweatshirt.  To recoup a small measure of dignity, I put on these lovely rhinestone chain earrings.  My jewelry collection recently expanded thanks to an unexpected, large basket of $1 jewelry at St. Vincent dePaul’s, much of it vintage.
Also, a sparkly, fish-scale sequined silver skirt for good measure.  A small line of red tee shirt peeked out between sweatshirt and skirt , which I liked as a colorful friend for my lipstick .

I propose there’s nothing quite like having children to really underscore the intense vagaries of consciousness linked to our general mortality.  Over the past 24 hours, I first remained sleeplessly intent upon the small gurglings of my son’s struggling breaths, and then had to take my brain in firm hand to move beyond the morbid what-ifs of a scarcely missed car accident.  Both engendered fear, but dread is certainly compounded by powerlessness.  A bit odd, that steering a wheel ultimately places fate out of one’s hands.

Here’s a poem about it:


Echoing barks not quite coughs

able to clear passageways sharply

eyes open to the ceiling’s blank witness

in soundings dull

swift accumulations silently fill

lungs small enough to weaken

by a thimbleful of ills alone in the dark.

Quickly side to side, smooth ribs balmed

quick fingers unceasing tapping tap the small terrain of your back

brown eyes reflect the dark and stare

one to another in calm focus

shifting these particular fluids of life

and bodies together.


The next day you are fine

and note the glass of the windows before

a drive in the truck also named

emphatically voicing all that is same.

Sky bright, distant trees, songs to please

you do not see the battered rolling wreck

it might be a grill? Still settling roadside

A man’s brief, frightened face striding

back to a mistake, it just happened

to hit no one but missing us all

nothing to call it or save you

but chance.

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  1. ELLE says:

    Clearing sharp pathways is my favourite here, so unique in description.

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  2. I felt the urgency, fear, and uncertainty in this piece. I agree that there’s nothing like the potential of death coming so close to shock us back to a stark awareness of–and gratitude for–life.


    1. Yes! And I wonder, if the general nearness of assorted mortal dangers (auto accidents, nuclear despots) requires us to somewhat ignore those threats for the sake of controlling anxiety, thus also downgrading our awareness of and openness to life forces?
      Thank you for the read and response


      1. Yeah, I think it definitely does. We sacrifice a bit of our awe and awareness of being alive for the sake of comfort and freedom from anxiety. Ultimately, it’s up to each person I guess, to choose how to be reminded to live each day more fully.

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