When minimal effort can serve far-reaching needs, it is essential to progress from “I probably should” to “of course I did.”

Actually yes, I am sitting on the floor in the bathroom while my son potties.  It’s called multitasking, I believe.  This brown sweater used to be my husband’s, but shrunk in the dryer.
Vintage earrings lady up the plaid shirt and pompadour, backing up the redbrown lip color.
Always a fan of the instant photoshop qualities of washed out lighting.  Also, the perfect match of the browns between eye and sweater is pretty exciting.
A better view of the terrific fabric of the skirt.  Embroidered pink floral with gold thread accents.  A nice carryover for the earrings, too.
See, winter wear is fun.
The shrunken sweater hits at a casual yet flattering point on the body, aiding in the balance between low key and polished.

Remember back in 2010, when the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico rightly horrified the world?  Imagine the likelihood for more of the same being compounded exponentially, at a favorite American beach near you!

There is less than 24 hours remaining to leave public comment at regulations.gov, regarding “Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.: 2019-2024 Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program.”  Basically, say whether you think it is or is not a really awesome idea to open up all our currently protected shorelines to oil and gas drilling.

It literally took me less than 5 minutes to leave my comment.  That’s less time than it takes to decide what to watch on Netflix.  So, please.  Help save the world, zero hyperbole intended.

I wrote:

This is an egregious betrayal of the public trust, and in no way serves the best interests of the people as a whole. To shamefully ignore the real concerns surrounding our already degraded natural lands, merely to yet again act at the behest of fossil fuel industry giants, will only prove that our political actors are in no way public servants but instead bought off by lobbyists. DO NOT lease out our PUBLIC, precious shorelines for the sake of short-term profits. The long term damage would be largely irreversible, and further seal our collective doom through willfully dismissing the undeniable fact of our absolute dependence upon a functioning ecosystem . We demand innovation and investment in actions, policies, technologies, and infrastructure that will lead us toward the fossil-free commitments required to assure a future for our children. To further poison and endanger our waters is repugnant and indefensible. Choose life!

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