All that hard work for what?? It could be beneficial to embrace futility as an exercise in humility.

Do not fear the intimates/pajama section when thrifting.  For one, washing machines exist. And two, there are sometimes truly luxurious vintage nightgowns that would be utterly unaffordable in terms of quality if bought new.  This one was 99cents, and is silky smooth as can be.
I find it nearly impossible to not twist my hair up in order to achieve loose, bouncy curls.  Might be a carryover from all those old Hollywood movies my mom liked to watch. The magical glory of the hairbrush was perfected by Marilyn Monroe.

Now that I’m really coming into my own as a person likely destined to never not ever procure actual employment of the grownup, stable, benefits -included variety,  I’m dutifully exploring the wideworld of options within pay rates ranging from zero to a lil bit.

Still, despite my openness to the continuation of my personal, lifelong membership to the poverty scale, I still have a glaring roadblock to achieving my humble vision of performing some/any manner of worthy work.  This damn PhD seems to make me a pariah!  But I can’t lie about it in good conscience, so I decided to try owning up to it and requesting an overlook of the seeming dealbreaker quality it exerts upon potential employers.

As illustration, here is my general letter of introduction to the Countywide public school system, wherein I would enjoy substitute teaching and/or library work.  May my sincerity and goodwill overshadow the untoward amount of years spent getting 4.0s!

my letter:

To whom it may concern,

Committed to serving the greater good of our diverse community, and motivated by the important role of language and literacy in the cultivation of citizenship for tomorrow’s leaders, it gives me great pleasure to offer my skills and experience to the Ingham County Public School system.
My educational background and strengths are particularly suited to supporting library systems, as well as to the tasks of a “free-floating” substitute teacher. Either position would suit my skills as a versatile scholar and responsive, respectful mentor. In addition, I have found that children of all ages are intrigued by my indigenous heritage, and I enjoy deepening understanding of the country’s tribal peoples, and the continuing influence and validity of those perspectives.
I enjoy my work as an adjunct instructor of English in higher education settings, but also seek to support younger students who possess a different sort of curiosity that is often more confident and open to the possibilities of creative writing and deep reading; two of my specialties. Clearly, I do not prioritize affluence in my life’s work, but rather value the deeply meaningful opportunity to influence young people as they learn the value of critical thinking alongside the pleasures of the language arts.
I hope you will consider my extensive education as an asset, not an overqualification. My degrees represent my intellectual curiosity and my disciplined pursuit of excellence in all avenues of interaction. I would consider it a privilege to work with the children of my community.

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  1. DGGYST says:

    You are hired!


  2. ELLE says:

    SUCH a cute top. Gosh!


    1. Merci! Lace is a fairly irresistible prospect, ennit?

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