Once able to take disappointment in stride, possibilities can range far and wide.

Just going for it in a massively green dress from the 80s. Very warm, and very inviting of accessories. Gold chandelier  earrings from St.Vincent de Paul for $1. Dress also $1 from VOA. Pink butterfly clasp belt a gift from great grandma-in-law.
Gathered waist makes for tiny pleats make for voluminous amounts of skirt fabric. Design echoed in gathers at the yoke of the neckline.
Volume on the sleeves too, further accentuated by pushing them up to reveal stripes underneath, which provides a bit of a break from all that green.
The dress is a bit large, but using a belt to make a small waistline can lend balance to the sillhouette.  Works well enough for me!

It’s likely inevitable that a long term unemployed person such as I will find all manner of possible livelihoods/lives playing through the mind.  I’ve pictured a wide range of scenarios in which I might excel, care about, and prove myself generally beneficial to creation as a whole.

One of these decidedly unsteamy fantasies involves pursuing politics.  True, I can’t seem to convince any HR people I’m the one for any of the myriad employments I’ve pursued. But! Maybe a larger mass of everyday people would be able to conceive of entrusting responsibility to me by virtue of my earnest goodwill and endless idealism.

So I managed to come up with less than 150 words explaining why I want to run for office.  The “Emily’s List” website also required I decide upon what type of office, so I put state legislature.   At the very least, it’s interesting to consolidate one’s convictions into as comprehensive yet digestible a statement as possible.  Also, it seems good practice to elucidate what is essentially a love for one’s country and countrymen, to make sure it’s still functional and there.

so, here’s what I wrote.  Vote for me, Nichole Nobody!


I want to see Michigan as a model of ecologically-motivated innovations in mass transit and regionalized agricultural production that prioritize localized supply chain economies to connect urban and rural communities. I’d like to consistently voice the long-term advantages and current practical need to position Great Lakes states at the forefront of environmental restoration and preservation efforts that require the hands-on work and dedication of a citizenry invested in the stewardship of irreplaceable natural resources as the means to our lasting security and independence. I want to help steer the conversation to actively planning and organizing people and policies toward practices that significantly restructure current systems so that all citizens can contribute to the dual environmental and economic benefits made possible when we meet our Constitutional responsibility to “secure the blessings of Liberty, to ourselves and our Posterity.”

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