Stating internal truths is a necessary first step to externalizing influence.

Half off day at the VOA thrift store did not disappoint my penchant for acquiring 80s daywear dresses. For one dollar, this Made in the USA floral lends the charm of its pastel colour palette to a sunny winter day.
Gold cinch belt also for one dollar.
Because vintage wear often has lost some of the spring of it’s elastic, an array of belts serve to tidy up the silhouette.  I wore a thin black sweater for warmth’s sake.
A closer look at the pleat detailing on the exaggerated shoulder.

What is writing good for?  At the very least, the articulation of one’s free-floating inner moral compass. To translate the feeling sense into a comprehended form.

Opportunity abounds to do so.  For example, @, there is opportunity to leave public comment on various proposed matters of legislative oversight.  I recently left my following two cents regarding further deregulation of Swine Inspection, to the Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Here’s my attempt to write what my heart and head commiserate to communicate:

To make the speed of slaughter even faster would be an affront to all the hard working people who’ve already suffered injuries and disability due to the untenable demands of profit above all. Further, just because humans can abuse and misuse our animal brethren does not mean we should. Surprise us all, and choose the humane route. Put worker safety and animal sentience into consideration, and cease the morally corrupt deregulation of kill speeds.

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  1. DGGYST says:

    I loooooove this dress! Such a great find!!! And I want to get more involved in animal rights, where should I start?


  2. Thank you! I’m probably addicted to the cheap thrill of thrift dresses…
    As for animal rights, I reckon that the easiest, and perhaps ultimately most impactful, place to start is on the level of individual choices in eating (and even skin care, rejecting anything tested on animals or using them as ingredients). Mass production of meat is all manner of insufferable. I’m mostly vegetarian, in that I will eat meat hunted by someone I know showed respect and gratitude and offered tobacco (indigenous teaching). But industrial meat production is inexcusable the moment animal rights are even mildly considered. Bad for humans and watersheds, too.
    Yay for beans!


  3. Elle Nguyen says:

    Ahhh! Stunning! I’ve lately been getting into thrift stores–there are so many designer brands hidden in there! I picked up a Wilfred skirt for 5.99 in the colour I wanted and the size, and it was 98$ at the Wilfred store a few weeks ago–good thing I didn’t pick it up from the actual store!


    1. Excellent! That is an exciting price, indeed. I think it’s true that the more one thrift shops, the better, as a particular radar for spying the goods develops.
      My most notable designer find is a rhinestone embellished Stella McCartney shirt AND a Balmain knit sweater- both at an annual church giveaway. As in, for free!
      Also, I enjoy your lovely poems.

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