When the chances of a storm are practically guaranteed, it’s best to seek shelter from ill winds.

Another fabulous, special item procured from an always excellent church rummage sale.  The sweet eyelet, embroidery, and lace detailing on this pajama shirt are all the more satisfying in their absolutely smooth, nonscratchiness.  It’s unlikely I’ll ever find myself with disposable income enough to splurge on fancy sleepwear, but thanks to the admirable generosity of assorted church elders, a mere 50cents is sufficient.  Pink ribbon in hair from a different rummage sale, as part of a large bagful of unused notions.

I’ve long taken an interest in political rhetoric, but I think tonight’s address is just not what  I’m wanting to take into my consciousness.  Those parts of my psyche able and willing to filter through that which is excruciating  are already filled to capacity.  and I just cannot conceptualize any attendant good in lending an additional pair of eyes or ears to the outrageous spectacle of the utter non-public servanthood soon to be on display in a shameless ploy to profit from the State of our DisUnion.

I don’t suppose there’ll be mention of HOW unregulated drill/frackings on soon-to-be obliterated shorelines and natural places will somehow make it OKAY when the oil spills, runs out, or burns us up with droughts?  Any sense of concern for our civic fabric, now that there’s emboldened tiki torch bearers shouting out hate?  Any plan for ensuring We the People’s rights to live and work with dignity and purpose? Probably not.  But hey, the Dow is high!

So, nooooooo – I’m not attending.

But I did come up with a timely little variation on a Beach Boys tune –


Wouldn’t it be nice just to

ignore him?

Then we’d have the place we all belong.

And wouldn’t it be nice to see less dangerous

ways to show we’re powerful and strong.

We could turn around the degradations,

and restore the beauty

of this nation…

Oh wouldn’t it be nice?

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