What seems obvious now was previously masquerading as a dazzling epiphany.

Mostly fancy for a night of karaoke Lansing, the epicenter of karaoke night offerings someplace most night of a week), I opt for Jackie O Full hair pinned into a faux bob, pearls, and a black dress with sheer sleeves and draped neckline.
I mashed my finger when mindlessly trying to catch the stall door from slamming, my unconscious motherhood conditioning fearing any noise anywhere potentially waking a sleeping baby. I wore jeans with the ensemble to acclimate the formality to a scubbyish bar.
Pinned at the hip with a safety pin and brooch, the dress is allotted more movement and gives greater balance to the jean’s expanse of fabric. As a side note,after the first first aid of reflexive orality, I employed cold water and ice cubes and my finger is just fine thank you.
Pinning the dress lends more interest to all angles. Just lipstick and health food store CC on face, as per usual. It seems better to keep something low maintenance, when clothes rank so high in my attention.

As illustrated by the perhaps inevitable yet mercifully slight mortification that attends self-critiques after a job interview, there is considerable lag time between the opportunity to speak and the realization of what one perhaps ought have said.

Current example: I realized that my overarching blog title quite obviously promises two things, one of which I’ve perhaps overly obfuscated.  (And if favored blogger, http://damngirlgetyourshittogether.com, is willing to look up my vocabulary words, that is ample license for me to continue my implicit dictionary boostering because most everyone can have a good time with a dictionary).

So to remedy the imbalance between the easily digestible pictorial Outfits and the buried deep and occasionally nebulous Insights, I will be using, and incrementally revising, individual entry titles as short sentences intended to directly offer a relatively clear insight.

Because I like and value my small cadre of readers.  Especially my daughter and her friend ❤️

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