Individuality is largely a matter of voices in the head.

Hand knit sweater of divine detailings. It would be an honor to meet whatever wonderful human originally made this, but I settle for a genuine sense of gratitude when sharing a small bit of their cuteness. Relaxing with hair undid.
The bold color graphics readily translate into night with flair in the hair, jewelry, and makeup.  I ended up without the belt, to the better effect of starring the sweater foremost.  Though the earrings are of course fabulous and party to a cherished estate sale experience I’ve previously mentioned, involving deep generosity and the humane society…

As a nice break from the unfettered speechifying that most frequently occupies my version of the voicings I assume all hear within (my own consistently waxing impassioned about our triumphant restoration of earth, Union, and souls), I often also have songs running through my head (musicians call music heard in mind “ audiation”). The songs, often rhymes, I just make up in mind free ranging, maybe akin to the orderings of dreams.  Now and again I say some out loud, but rarely is anything written nor recorded otherwise. There’s no conscious reason as to why not.  Mostly I just don’t think of it, or just don’t do so when I do. So.

The other night I thought to, and did write upon an envelope. What I have here following is altered quite different, as rhythms I suppose are ephemeral because variously composed. Syncretic momentously.

The rhyme it so happens is about such voices, as ruminate upon worldsaving topically. The rhythm and tonality I hear sung don’t really match the stresses and rests that assert when balancing the look of text when written.

At times less sense makes more.



within scope the hope

seizes each breach to reach

a voice of choice seems free

through love not above

in around every ground

that grows root rows

no codes abode without

a mind saying fine

to see scorched scenes

unless some planned

eternity will be

our one utility

set trees

with hands

then free


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