Heroism connects emotion to action.

This 80s frock has color and stripe appeal, but alas also a few snags. I still spent the 99cents though, and figured an array of brooches could cover the snagging.
A better look at the rather marvelous striping on the dress, designed to run in various directions.
The brooch experiment started to get a bit heavy, and I didn’t want to add to the snag damage on the dress. For going out with the likelihood of dance occurring,  I donned my son’s sweater vest: toddler size 3, and proof of the potential benefits of shopping outside one’s assigned category/section.
One brooch remained for flair.  Here also, additional photo chronicling of my willingness to let all makeup just go ahead and leave by day’s end. And messy hair is stylish, right?

I love to cry.

“Water is life” as a movement and phrase gained recognition largely through the overlapping occurrences of the Standing Rock, anti-DAPL protests and the Flint water crisis.  Among indigenous nations, there are also important teachings about how “water is medicine.”  This conviction interestingly finds considerable back-up through scientific observations and experiments related to the remarkably sentient and responsive properties of water.

I often think about how tears are sacred evidence of our deepest natural connections and necessities.  Sadness, gratitude, joy, despair, empathy,  hope – so much of our humanity finds conduit through that flow between heart and eyes.

Among my most satisfying ways to experience the fulness of tears is by listening to and reading the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Today is a good day to cry over that legacy, and find inspiration through the example of that true American hero, speaking love to world.  When the heart listens to what the ears hear, maybe crying is how truth overwhelms the mind to show spirit as the greater power.

Unity of hearts, inside and out: Free at Last.  Happy MLK Day!

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