Censorship is an internal nuisance.

Sitting by the window on a sunny day, with no other plans, a plain black sweater with a long silver and black floral skirt from the 80s feel comfortable. For requisite flair, the elastic belt cinches tightly to create a high waist and remedy the slightly oversized sizing of the skirt.  The delicate necklace (barely to be seen per selfieglare) has topaz (November birthstone)stones, giving homage to metallic belt buckle.
Outdoors in the sunny snow.  Rather than replace the loose buttons on the long coat, I just cut them off and use a thick leather belt to keep things snug.  Rabbit fur earmuffs are good friends to my ears.

I wrote a rhyme about the tendency to speak out loud any manner of the floating bits of inner commentary that baseline attend to nonsense , to censor the insistent call succinctly declaring truths of spirit and soul.  Crystal clear in formation, rhythms composed of speech, languishing bereft of audial heft.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, neglecting to utter matters.

Here’s the rhyme:


In the voice of the mind

reaching to find

tried words heard

returned at the first



what is said

in the head

filtered down to fine

speak not of the best

unless in jest

quiet soul gleams

silent folds deep

2 Comments Add yours

  1. DGGYST says:

    You are artsy AF. beautiful!


  2. nicholebiber says:

    I’m finding it irresistible to reply: you are! And thanks🙂


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