A body in unplanned movement tends to invite the mind to join the free-up fest.

Handmade shirt dress by some skilled woman of the past, found at Salvation Army a few weeks ago and saved for New Years Day. Shiny black buttons with faceted edges for extra gleam, black patent belt chosen for adamant shine.
Blue opaque tights with black lace layered on top. Bracelet is hematite and rhinestone, procured for one little dollar at estate sale.
Full view of what is one of my favorite vintage silhouettes: fitted waist, pencil style skirt, subtly scooped neckline. Elegant dropped  pearl earrings a gift from my husband, whom I have to thank for all my non-costume jewelry!
I enjoy the workman vibe of the cuffed sleeves.
Curled hair from the night before supports a messy fake bob. Pleated detail at pockets indicative of 1940s influence, when war-related fabric rationing encouraged design innovations in detailing to enliven minimal variations in volume.
Plum lip color and white eye shadow simulate a bit of vibrancy the day after a late nye bedtime.

Last night at 12 minutes to midnight, my fellow and I agreed to leave the bar we’d stepped into 5 minutes prior and instead greet the new year walking under a full clear moon, distant and cold, warm in hue.

A solid decision, as those quiet heights lent the proper mix of gravity and gusto to the firecrackered hoots heard echoing in the streets.  It is wonderous and comforting to feel oneself so intensely placed.

To carry such lessons of energy forward, dancing provides unparalleled means of active presence.  The living room dance party has long been a friend to my equanimity, and so I resolve in 2018 to ever more consciously and consistently practice such homegrown routes to wisdom of body and breath and movement of soul.  It is a fine power, conjuring gratitude and humility, to dance completely from inside.

Happy 2018.


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  1. Steph says:

    Wowzers, that is a cracking dress, what a find! X


    1. nicholebiber says:

      Thanks! I was so excited to look for a label and find evidence of handsewing instead 🙂


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