The determination to remain mindfully present and aware foremost reveals the full extent of one’s unmindful, distracted state.

Black and white everything is a proven formula for a tidy aesthetic.  Long sleeves stripes for wool scratch control, with a lace trimmed blouse in between, for flair at the collar. Jeans originally black, comfortably worn to grey.
Winter boots with fake fur trim. A roomy red hat, and, wait a minute is that toddler trying to exit wearing only snow pants?
Yes, he is. Time to complete the bundling!

If it weren’t for yoga, I might never take a full breath or unclench my jaw.  The internal voice of worry is seemingly eternal, which I suppose is because I care, and so isn’t wholly a negative.  Still, it is surprising to realize that even after 16 years of yoga practice, such seemingly small benefits as full oxygenation and stress control require conscious focus.

So it seems that faithful efforts to train awareness are all in hopes of becoming occasionally aware of not being so, and adjusting as able.

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