A pompadour showcases the vintage scarf on an ensemble that is otherwise of rare recent manufacture.
The close fitting waistline is accentuated by a full skirt with largely spaced darts, in a stiff gold lame fabric.
Black thermal shirt and tights with over the knee cream knit stockings all provide warmth.
Shiny brown, bowed heels for indoors. The brown pairs nicely with the cream of the stockings and recalls the tonality of the scarf up top.
Brassy gold collar detailing on the dress is balanced for daytime wear by the patterned neckwear and the softness of floral embroidered fabric earrings, which are also vintage.
Later in the day, hair down and makeup permitted to totally fade away in alignment with the day’s low key plans, as in hanging out at home and eating popcorn.

As is congruent with my somewhat involuntary, ongoing hobby of writing a perhaps endless stream of cover letters from a place of cheerful detachment, I finished up another one today!

This university position is particularly appealing in its adherence to the liberal arts tradition as a bastion of positive social change, and so inspired a satisfying bout of philosophic reflection.  As the interdisciplinary approach is key to the espoused Department values, I included my artistic proclivities as part of my approach to learning about living.

Here’s an excerpted bit on that:

I encourage at least some attempt at, if not ongoing practice of, creative expression as a means of accessing alternate perspectives and planes of knowledge. Such exercise can enhance the sincerity and facility with which one approaches unfamiliar populations. Though my own experience likely flips what is implied by conversations about diversity and underrepresentation, being that I grew up in an all Black neighborhood and wasn’t sure how to engage comfortably with the white population I had no idea was the majority until age 19, I think that pushing oneself creatively provides anyone with valuable practice in the cultivation of openness.


I like the letter overall, and had fun writing it, thus meeting my motivating goal.  Bonus if it actually works to secure an interview and (gasp) employment!


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