return greetings

Shiny snakeskin textured red sheath dress, with a kitten sweatshirt for temperature control and to show that the most unlikely companions can make nice. I do appreciate a good hair day of full on fluffed and swingy.
A good length and an easy fit lend cheer to a casual day of cleaning house and crafting.

The snow came back today.

Earlier this week when all our snow melted away into a brownish sludge with branches bared, I directed myself to focus on the reality of my influential psychic energies upon my family, and mostly resisted a bout of depression and malaise.

So today, when the snowfall arrived anew with all it’s glory of quiet and peace and beauty, I needed to reorient, and assure that my heart was fully open to what I find so holy.  I do not want to close myself off from loving the snow as much as I do, out of fear of how tenuous the phenomenon is on a warming planet.  If we are afraid to truly love our sources of joy, there can be no hope.

Let hearts grow, and rejoice.  It’s our best chance.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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