In my traditional manner of zero product in my hair, I achieved an actual hairdo by undoing an entire day’s wearing of twisted and bobby-pinned buns, then pinned here and there to arrange a fake bob. Lowbacked lace shirt and rhinestone hoops commiserate with a bright red lip to support the inherent glamour of curls.
At my intended night out location, in fur, which also feels friendly to fancy hair.
Red denin skirt, embossed leather belt in silver, and shearling-lined ski boots.
From another angle.  The small purse with a round handle gives a bracelet effect.
Okay, one more picture using the multiplaned mirror. I’d been lingering in hopes of initiating some ladies room conversation, but nobody else showed up!

A glorious snowfall this day in mid Michigan.  My heart rejoices.

I encourage everyone I encounter to let love and thanks for the beauty of the snow fill their own hearts with warmth.  Maybe if the snow feels wanted, she will keep showing up.

We can’t just keep losing the living contours of nature. Otherwise, we will lack the true beauty able to reassure us that the world is a place of wonder and good.

As my 3 year old says: “happy a snowing!”


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