Washed out photos are like poor man’s photoshop. Also, a sunny morning is a lovely thing. Ubiquitous orange knit cap, turtleneck dress and thick leather belt.
Warm and comfortable are ascendant in my wardrobe selections, but accessories do assist in maintaining a semblance of fashionability. The shell earrings are a particularly helpful addition on my lazy days.
The print on the skirt of the dress reads as simultaneously muted and jazzy.  Concealed buns under hat for curls later makes for a Bob Marleyesque head silhouette.

About the same time I decided to pursue employment from the perspective of a fun writing exercise, I also decided to no longer agonize over my lack of financial independence.  Or technically I suppose, my failure to support my family and thereby pose no burden.  Perhaps most difficult in this change of perspective was to really listen to and accept my husband’s reassurance that I was not and could not be a burden, because we were all together as a family and so any assets belong to and support the whole.

Accepting this required me to move beyond my lifelong quest to not be poor anymore.  It’s a highly internalized definition.  Though my current family has food to eat and a stable home, my childhood family frequently lacked both.  So I equated having my own financial means as the ultimate overcoming that would allow me to no longer just be a poor person.

Though I would still very much like to be hired for my abilities and receive that elusive revenue stream thereby, I am slowly accepting that my worth and selfhood need not depend on such measures.

”honey I’m rich in personality” (Prince, baby I’m a star)



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