Bundling up for outdoor time in the cold is a favorite activity in itself.  The view of the woods makes it all the better.  Earmuffs are a necessity on windy days, and these ones are particularly appealing in their mingling of plastic headband and rabbit fur.  With a hat, fur coat, mittens, and multiple unseen layers, there’s little danger of a walk (or lounge) being cut short.
Evidence of a pileated woodpecker – ooo la la!

The daily rotations of location may place us in the immediate vicinity of home, walking within a ten block radius, parking at a workplace, or traveled to farther reaches. No matter where we find ourselves, the people also present are the only ones who are. That to me is a singularly powerful fact with profound implications regarding the power of community, as a physical reality begetting unmatchable minglings of emotional and psychic energies.

I’m quite intrigued by how the people in the immediately surrounding neighborhood can be interacted with to virtually whatever extent we so choose. Unless a hermit, or doggedly determined to drive away from the place for your every imagined need, the daily taking of air can teach much about the human energies composing a community. I’ve learned that the goodwill of initiating and reciprocating greetings to all encountered can energize the sense of hearts in common.

Give a nod, say hello, offer an amusing observation.  Even if occasionally shunned, I’ve never regretted the appeal.  Far more common, friendliness abounds.  Well worth the negligible effort, all can benefit.

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