hope happens

A favorite skirt, high-waisted, with large pockets, in purple leather. I always check for leather skirts when thrifting, as they are durable and versatile and often in unexpected colors and cuts. Also, they work well dressed up or down.
I like cool/cold weather for many reasons. One being that less comfortable hosiery, like the gold glitter fishnets here, can be layered over soft and smooth tights. The shoes were a nice find, unworn and only 3$ at the VOA., adding their low heeled, supple leather qualities to the comfort-fest.
Black tee shirts are fun to cut into a deep scoop, to create a satisfying mix of deconstructed DIY, alongside the elegance of the deep curve. Good for summer of course, but also nice to layer when thermostats warrant. Gold hoops with a delicate gold feather necklace provide company to the aforepictured legwear.
Yes, I do dress any which way for whatever day. Here, ready to grocery post potty break with my son.


Just as amazed and astounded

near incredulous over

the fact of the groaning earth

yet managing

enabling each breathing

moment of we masses of people,

so each heart surged tear we shed

over joys and pains

in existence

a small victory


unexpected proof

of empathic ability.

The wires and wars have yet to destroy

the waters that might yet heal,

the flow of the real.

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