Sold out

Yet again, I respond to the dual influences of cold weather and tactile sensitivity, by utilizing a long sleeved turtleneck dress of comfortably worn-in fabric as a baseline layering piece. Here, it neutralizes the slight scratchiness of the less high collar on the cropped floral shirt. Also providing a slip effect for the black leather skirt.
Because my only plan is to sit still and read, I am able to accessorize with these somewhat out of control strappy red sandals. Just decide it’s okay to wear open-toed shoes with thick socks, and watch the winter footwear options explode in fun-potential
Color palettes can be subtly and creatively coordinated in response to busier prints, like florals. The tones need not be exact.
Proving this outfit really is conducive to relaxation, despite the spiked heels.
A lovely pink jewel pendant necklace, fashioned from the remaining earring of a set partially lost.  With the genuine pearl earrings, the luxury factor of the black leather skirt is provided some company. As a side note, I decided long ago not to worry about the freckle-like birthmark on my face.  Self-acceptance can save a lot of time and money make-up wise, as well as avoiding unnecessary grief in the pursuit of perfection.  Real life does not come equipped with photoshop or airbrushing, so why pretend otherwise?

Years ago, it came to my notice, upon riding a bus past an old orchard that had signage declaring “10 ACRE land lot for sale and development,” that the word acre is quite fittingly only an “s” and a “d” away from reading as SACRED.

The selling-off of remaining green spaces continues unabated, with no input sought among the surrounding general public as to whether this is in service to the wider arc of sustained quality of life.  This type of signage continues to effect me like a blow to the soul, as I scan such parcels and note the loss of plant and animal lives that exist only until such time as a deal is made.

So, I wrote a poem about it:

Mixed use

Future sight purchased

in sites developed to specifications

specific to manufactured need.

What of the birds? that even now land

living off the small lives

of seed or insect sought

presently available in the search

Oblivious to the signs marking

destruction through the human exchange

of money for the ripping of roots

silently grown, present and apart

from the naming of lots

any one, ten, hundred or more

acre lot

offered in the language of numbers

is but a few written units away

from the truth of lives lost in an

acre      of


land for sale.



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