In what is almost an embarrassment of thrift riches, I found this vintage Lions coat in the little boys section of the VOA. Bundled up with a mildly outlandish fake fur cap, as I don’t tend toward actual embarrassment
The indoor layer features an unusual blouse from the 80s, in cream fabric sewn into checkerboard pleats. Long long argyle leg wear, procured from a dance store, well worth the purchase.
Shiny floral motif channels a mother of the bride vibe, tamped down by cutoff jean shorts.
It’s companion lost, it’s nice to make use of a single remaining earring.  This one is made of shell , hand painted
Readying for a walk. Colder weather bestows all manner of additional fashion layering. This floral jacket is likely from the early 80s. The pink flowers are rendered in shimmering thread.
All set to go. The bomber style jacket does just fine with the shorts, leaving fancier elements of hair and dress in wait.

I’m consistently intrigued by the somewhat telepathic energies of intermingled human psyches – an often unmarked or unspoken phenomenon that is nevertheless wholly present and influential.

Crowds of strangers in particular present a conglomerate of social masks; unspoken welcomes or rebuffs; acts and actualities.

As a chronic dresser-upper willing to be the only one dancing, I typically stand out in a way that can either attract or repel.  I’ve adapted to this over the years by sub/consciously arranging my face in sort of a serene mask of pleasant openness.

This approach seems to me more civil than phony, but the difference is tricky to explain.

So I wrote a poem about it:


Scene Survey

In public places I scan for eyes to meet

facades at the minimum,

possibility a further delve.

Entering where many may engage a glance

requires a face be seen,

composed in advance

hoped intent.

All layered in shine and soul,

surfaces to unfold.

Pleasant and appealing

eyes let outward smoothly in

to reflect distanced smiles

closer at times.

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