In homage to 60s era cover girls, headscarf with full-for-me makeup. Sheer backless dotted dress over black velvet. Vintage jewelry
Here’s the look, as pictured in the Vogue Covers 125 anniversary.
The overdress has winged sleeves, horizontal ruffles and a blousen, slightly dropped waist, for an unusual silhouette.
Outdoor geared, still glossy


Regarding an encounter with drunken aggressive disorderlies in a public venue and everyone just wishes they’d go away:

“ssssshhhhh, you’re too loud. We can’t hear him” (point out performer)

Is likely a better strategy than actually saying anything like “shut up,” as that can ignite further annoyances of aggression.

Of course, the very drunk are often beyond shushing.  Happily for our crowd last night, an also inebriated but justice-driven woman intervened.  She overcame the offending group, using the common language of drunken jockeying, as well as being psychically buoyed by the unified will of we the witnessing.  The bummer bully contingent ended up effectively driven away from the gathering.

In the presence of the objectionable, balance holds sway.

To correct in the name of protect, what’s the best way to have a say?

You know the words are correct when they keep the company safe.

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