It’s likely impossible to ever become tired of a thoroughly comfortable striped shirt.
High-waisted leather skirt in army green, with fairly fancy green hued earrings. My habitual effort to create fake bangs is approaching chronic. I do quite like how my readily expanding strands of grey mimic the black and white of the Breton.
At last, the weather is appropriately Novemberesque, and friendly to wearing knit socks (these cover the entire leg), a knit hat that is a good and loyal companion to my sensitive ears and fake bangs, as well as cozy cozy fur.
A few notes regarding thrift store fur. It is easy to come by, though care ought be taken to check for any shedding prior to purchase. It’s ultra affordable, especially considering how much real fur bought new costs. Real fur is the warmest and weather proof choice for true cold. Second handedness eases my conscience, as it seems a matter of respectfully recycling and extending the wear provided by that original loss of life.  I’m vegetarian, but obviously will wear secondhand animal products, genuinely grateful for the superior quality and lastingness.  Thank you animals, we are indebted to you in our need.
A rare pale lip, to reflect the inescapably 70s vibe of brown fur and orange knit.
The skirt is supple enough to keep up with the softness of the coat.  The local library is a trusty location for aesthetic appeal.

I sent in, meaning electronically submitted, another application packet this evening.  Despite my ambitions to approach all such employment-related activity with lighthearted detachment, my brain’s well-honed worry centers took little time to mightily rear up and question question question various details of my submission.

Luckily, instead of folding the laundry that has been patiently waiting for such time as I at last cease revisions, I decided to leave it piled for a bit longer and instead opted for some evening yoga.

Breathing deeply in a surrender pose, I felt a subtle release in between my ribs.  A bit of a shift that allowed for fuller lungs and longer spine.  Letting go takes equal parts focus and detachment. So I let the application fussings of what if’s and should I haves exhale along with the next long breath.

I will look to keep doing so.  Because what is writ and sent is done and so. So, no matter, once compared to the entirety of our siphoned air.

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