Birthday blue

Glass and blue dress both from a German Hall $2 bag sale. I can pack a bag snug, so each cost like a penny (if counting ribbon spools also rummaged, individually).
The striped fabric makes the blue even more dazzling a choice to wear for my birthday blue selection ( birthday blue being thematically something that my fellow and I do for some reason).  Elastic belt with enamel art-deco style clasp. Earrings an anniversary gift, from an art gallery in Omena Michigan.
Even the hosiery and shoes are vintage today. Kitten heels from an old brand called “So Soft by 9.2.5” Which I find to be an amusing and also accurate name.

Today is my birthday.  I still am enamored with the date being November 3, as distinctively auspicious and special, which thankfully seems to indicate an intact sense of  wonderment sought and sowed.

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  1. Leo says:

    Beautiful dress, blue is my favorite color and my Grandma (90) has the exact same birthday. Hope you had a great day. 🙂


    1. nicholebiber says:

      Thank you! I do appreciate all manner of life links to elders, and would like to someday be a Scorpio grandmother myself.

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