The flounced collar makes a silk/poly blend bright red shirt special. Procured from a church rummage sale for only 50 cents. A favorite venue not only for dizzyingly affordable vintage, but also a prime opportunity to socialize with friendly elders.
The striped dress with subtly puffed sleeves was a gift from the same generous friend who gave me a calico dress I adore. Three quarter length sleeves let the red carry through. A black lace skirt is layered under for additional warmth and, with the horizontal stripes, recalls a bit of the Beetlejuice aesthetic to draw upon holiday influence.  Blue suede combat boots over tights and ruffled socks, underscoring the fun of staying warm.
The scooped back of the dress pairs nicely with the keyhole detail on the blouse. Red rhinestone earrings and orange knit hat accessories.

I have failed repeatedly in my intentions to avoid the comments sections in my online newspaper readings, and perusing of videos.  Particularly in the latter case, the frequent vitriol is disheartening to say the least.  And while news sources often draw more measured, thoughtful commentary, there is an undeniable rabbit hole element which encourages the spanning of far too much time on a solitary outlet.

I tell myself that I’ve seen enough to know the temperature of the current discourse, and am mostly satisfied that well meaning people  remain in the majority – so no need to continually click on public comments.  And yet!  The urge to continue reading remains largely irresistible.

Why so?  Perhaps it is most difficult to resist the reassurance that comes with the proofs of others’ thoughtfulness and caring. Even within less erudite and reactionary comments, there is some comfort in recognizing how irreverent humor seems to be the larger motivation than actual, deep-seated hate or nihilism.

Still.  It seems imperative to my eyes and my real world interactions to at least severely limit my passive consumption of the comments.  There are certainly more integral ways to connect, when moved to ascertain the contents of contemporary brains.

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