Dressed for a cool autumnal Day segueing into a cold evening = many layers! Striped turtleneck dress with jeans and a fuzzy kitten sweatshirt. Orange knit hat and trench coat, for ear protection and the promise of buttoning up for additional warmth later. With gloves at the ready, the enjoyable yearly task of bundling up has commenced.

From a letter I submitted to Congress regarding the treacherous dessimation of the “Protection” part of the EPA, via shameless appointees :

There will doubtless be many ecological days of reckoning, and we are utterly failing the coming generations by our current failure to do our rightful share of the reckoning. Decades have been squandered already, and anti regulatory business-as-usual dealings assure our children also will have their health and security sacrificed to the profits of pollution, and be left in poor shape to face increasingly dire environmental circumstances. The rampant consumption of natural resources, along with the lucrative system of unchecked pollution and degradation , does not serve to “secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity.”

That’s why I’m urging to vote to reject coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler’s nomination today.

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