Frilly, ruffled lace blouse with a high buttoned neck. A favorite vintage piece from who knows when.
The high level prim factor is balanced a bit by the short black dress and men’s hat. Turkey feathers found on woods walks.
I took off the hat and shades eventually, being indoors and all. Removal of the incognito accessories certainly softens the look.

It is odd to realize that there are plenty of people who would look upon goodwill and caring as indicative of weakness.

On the contrary, it takes a deep, slow-burning intensity of continuous determination to be able to find and consult the morality present in a loving heart.

Yet, bombast and insults and intimidation are looked upon as ways of power.  Compared to maintaining the conviction that there is hope for the world, and the effort it takes to see the grandeur of clouds and the delicate wonder of leaves that still exist beyond the vast and dead mechanisms of modernity – mockery and nihilism are the easiest options I can picture.  Despair, hate, flippancy : it all just seems to equate to the cowardice of giving up.  Dismissing the wonders of life to revel in the smallness of ignorance.

How very weak and lazy and vile, to abandon the feeding of the feeling heart.

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