Layered collars, chosen for a day spent at the library.
A tweed dress with plunging neckline showcases the collar action, provides additional warmth on a cool autumnal day, and increases my personal measure of a librarian aesthetic.

Currently I am composing two cover letters, hoping for but not counting on positive results.  In fact, I’ve determined to vigilantly cater to my morale by looking upon both letters as primarily fun.  Cathartic writing exercises as it were, worthwhile in their own right, with benefits guaranteed.

More recently I’ve begun work on a missive inspired by a position available within the leadership workings of my tribe.  I do not possess the preferred education to act as a Planner, but I do have a clear vision of what we ought be strategizing to achieve.

Here is a bit from the letter:

To heal from the traumatic losses that define so much of our people’s history since the time of contact, we need to move forward in such a way that works to restore the ecological balance. With the determination and conviction born of our traditions, we can seek out and support the best practices found in current movements toward environmentally sensitive civic planning, sustainable development, and energy efficiency. For a long-term strategic vision that prioritizes cultural survival, we must direct our plans and actions to, in gratitude and respect, recognize and strengthen our bonds to the natural world that created our language, stories, songs, and in the end provides the true means of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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