Vintage, sculpted acrylic white rose earrings prove invigorating.
Back buttoned royal blue shirt with small peplum, and kilt-patterned tweed pencil skirt both vintage.  Paired with Halloween novelty striped tights and winter hat in matching whites.
Fairly fancy, courtesy of fall weather.
Pointed toes brown leather shoes good for walking and for easy on and off as I prepare to shop a bi-yearly church rummage sale that I know from experience has a great shoe selection.
I like to fashion fake bangs with a couple of bobby-pins.  My hair really wants to be in bangs, but people tell me noooooo.  So far, it seems like they’d miss my forehead more than I miss the bangs, so I just pin instead of clip.

I think about the devastation wrought by the recent hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, and how surreal the scene must be for all those grown accustomed to the world we see through ubiquitous screens, unreflectingly deemed the unexceptional normal.

How sudden the jarring moments must accumulate, with destruction the view of the newly present now.  repeatedly taunting the quieted memory of that irredeemable before, still visible to all blissfully unacquainted with the after.

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